New Hudson Group

New Hudson Group sources asset acquisition opportunities at below market value, and implements value-add strategies through its network of local operators to enhance and reposition properties in improving geographic areas.

<strong>Rebranding</strong> and <strong>Renovation</strong>

Rebranding and Renovation

New Hudson Group specializes in repositioning properties through the implemention of major physical enhancements to maximize their market appeal.

<span>High Quality</span><strong><span>Opportunities</span></strong>

High QualityOpportunities

New Hudson Group leverages its established relationships in order to source quality investment opportunities where projects meet investment profiles. We choose to partner with select operators who possess a track record of proven strategies and whose business goals align with ours, creating streamlined, efficient processes.

Fiscal <strong>Responsibility</strong>

Fiscal Responsibility

Through careful financial oversight, we provide full transparency,



New Hudson Group provides institutional level execution, from acquisition through asset management and divestment. Our rigorous management standards and active participation in all investments ensures

<strong>Who</strong> We Are?

Who We Are?

Our large, multidisciplinary team consists of experts in all areas of real estate finance with over 10 years of creating healthy, high yield investment properties.